Profit & Loss

The permission required to access this page is "Access Finance".

When you have reconciled one or more bank statement transactions, you will see these figures on your P&L page.

Click on the figures to view all items relating to that month. Click on the categories to see all items in that category for the whole period.

Selecting the Year

Once you have been reconciling your bank statements for over a year, you can go back and select the previous years' figures by clicking the "Show Year" button at the top right.

Exporting your P&L

To export your profit & loss figures, click the "Export" button at the top right. An Excel file will be downloaded containing 3 sheets:

Profit & Loss - The first sheet contains the P&L figures as they are on the P&L page.

Associated Income - The second sheet contains all of the reconciled income in this period,

Associated Expenses - The third sheet contains all of the reconciled expenses in this period.