Credit Notes

The permission required to access this page is "Access Finance".

You can issue credit notes to your members when you need to credit them for something, for example, when a session they were attending was cancelled etc.

Adding Credit Notes

To add a single credit note, click the "Add Credit Note" button.

Select the member and enter the relevant details, then click the "Add Credit Note" button. You will be taken straight to the new credit note.

To assign this credit note to an unpaid invoice, select the invoice in the "Assign To Invoice" field.

If the credit note amount is more than the invoice amount, an option will appear asking if you would like a new credit note created for the difference.

P&L Adjustments

If you receive payments from your members and you reconcile those against a bank statement, then, at a later date, need to refund them for whatever reason, your P&L account code totals will be out.

To fix this, add an adjustment to the associated credit notes stating which account code to credit and which account code to debit. This will then adjust the P&L page so the account totals are correct.

Click the "Add Adjustment" button. Select the debit and credit account followed by the "Add Adjustment" button.