Add Invoice Period

The permission you need to access this page is "Access Finance".

An invoice period is any period in time that an invoice covers. For example, it can be a month, a week or even a single day.

When creating invoices, the following fields are available:

  • Title - a title for the invoice period

  • Payment Due - sets the due date on the associated invoices

  • Date from & Date to - the dates for the invoice period

  • Invoice type - the invoice type (go to "Setup > Finances > Invoice Types" to add some)

  • Account Code - used for when you add a payment to the invoice (go to "Setup > Finances > Account Codes" to add some)

  • Collect Payment Via GoCardless

  • Select Individual Members - invoice only selected members

  • Which Fees To Use

  • Ignore Member Discounts

  • Only Include Members Between Ages

  • Use Age On Date

  • Invoice Club Groups - if you select any groups here, everyone assigned to the group(s) will be invoiced according to the group fee

  • Invoice Club Sessions - if you select any sessions here, everyone assigned to the session(s) will be invoiced according to the session fee and how many sessions are between the dates you select above

  • Invoice Club Fees - if you select any fees here, everyone assigned to the fee(s) will be invoiced according to the fee amount

  • Learn To Swim Terms - Invoice all swimmers in a learn-to-swim term

You can also add an invoice via the member's profile page on the "Invoices" tab.

Invoice Discounts

To add invoice discounts, view a member and enter a number in the "Invoice Discount Percentage" field.

From then on, any invoices created for that member will be discounted by that percentage automatically.