Email Invoices

The permission required to access this page is "Access Finance".

Use this form to email your unpaid invoices.

The following fields are available:

  • Include Inactive Members - include any inactive members in the emails

  • Send To Who? - Individuals, groups, sessions or fees

    • Select individuals - select individual members

    • Groups - select groups to send all members in those groups their unpaid invoices

    • Sessions - select sessions to send all members assigned to those sessions their unpaid invoices

    • Fees - select fees to send all members assigned to those fees their unpaid invoices

  • Only NEW Invoices - only send invoices that haven't been emailed before

  • Only Email Overdue Invoices - only send invoices out that are past the due date

  • Only Email Invoices Due On - only email invoices due on a specific date

  • Email Subject - enter a subject for the email

  • Insert Email Template - if you have saved an email template (Setup > Club > Email Templates) you can insert it here

  • Select ReplyTo Address - select the email address where replies to the emails should go back to

  • Email Body - enter the email body text here

  • Remove Duplicates - If members share email addresses with other members (eg a parent's email used for their children's accounts), make sure you UNCHECK this because you want every invoice to be emailed.