Code of Conduct

The permission required to access this page is "Edit Club Details".

The code of conduct section allows you to make your members agree to one or more club code of conduct documents.

Click the "Add Code of Conduct" button to add one.

If you set the "Automatically Assign To Member Type" option, whenever a new member of that type is created, this code of conduct will automatically be assigned to them.

Add To Members

To add a code of conduct to your members in bulk, click on the title to view it, then click the "Add Code of Conduct To Members" button.

Use the fields on the form to filter your members, then click the "List Members" button.

Select the relevant members, then click on the "Add Code of Contact To Members" button at the bottom.

When a member logs in, they will see any relevant code of conducts listed on their dashboard, with a button to "Acknowledge" each one.

These acknowledgements are saved against the member.

To manually acknowledge a code of conduct on behalf of a member, view the member in question and click on the "Code of Conduct" tab.

Click on the word "Empty" and enter a date, then click on the blue tick to save it.