Club Inbox

The permission required to access this page is "Access Club Emails".

Your club inbox is a centralised place where (if you have it activated) all emails are received/stored.

You can create email folders (Setup > Club > Email Folders) to keep everything organised and to move an email into a folder simply click on the little icon on the left and drag it over the folder then release your mouse.

Click on the "Compose Email" button to send an email and you can select from the following:

  • All/Individual members/parents/coaches/committee/volunteers/polo players

  • Club groups

  • Club sessions

  • Email lists

  • Club Roles

  • Individual emails

Click on the "Browse" button to add attachments and then click on the "Send Email" to send it.

Please Note
Make sure any file attachments you try to attach don't have the \ / : * ? "  <> |  characters in the filename.
Also, if you type an email address into the "individual emails" box, you CAN NOT send a custom form link.

Any emails that are over 10Mb in size WILL NOT be sent. This is a limit that the service we use to send bulk emails imposes and unfortunately we have no control over it.