Your Dashboard

The dashboard is the page you see after logging in, and contains the following sections:

Certificate Renewals

If you have the "Manage Member Safeguarding Dbs" permission, you will see a list of all of the certificates that are due for renewal.


There are 8 tiles that take you to specific pages when you click on them:

Club Welfare Offices & Club Feed

To the right of the tiles are the club welfare officers and club feed section.

To add members to the club welfare officers section, go to "Setup > Club > Details" and click on the "Extended Details" tab. The welfare offices section is near the bottom.

If you have the "Post To Club Feed" permission, click the "Post Message" button at the top right of the page to add a message to your feed.

Members who use the mobile app will receive an in-app notification when you post messages to your club feed.

To edit a previously added club feed item, hover over the avatar image, then click the edit button.

Club Statistics

The stats and charts are only shown to coaches and members in the "SCM Administrator" role.

Below the tiles are the club groups and club session statistics.

Member Statistics

Next is your member statistics. This show a bar chart with the number of active Coaches, Swimmers, Parents and Volunteers you have.

Member Logins

Next, is a chart showing how many members are actively logging into the system each month.

To download these charts, click the hamburger icon and select a format.